5 Stunning Destination Wedding Invites.


There are many reasons why a destination wedding might be the right choice for your big day.  Regardless of what those are, we have found 5 invitations that are special enough to represent you and your soon to be husband or wife.  These elegant invites are designed to let your guests know that they should be packing their bags and taking off a few extra days off work because one look at these and they scream – DESTINATION  Here are 5 of our favorites

NO. 5:  The Mayra Passport and Boarding Pass Style Invitation

This comes by way of AprilTwentyFive from etsy. For $546 you get 50 of these luxurious Invites.

Mayra Invite 1





Source: AprilTwentyFive


NO.4:  Destination Wedding Invitation Suite set

This is an Italian themed wedding suite also found on Etsy.  There are various customizing options but a set of 75 will cost you about $635.00

craftypagan 1



Source: Craftypagan


NO. 3: CECI’s Allison and Gavin Beach Party Invite

These invites are not for those on a budget.  A set of invites from CECI can cost you anywhere from $1500 to $2500.  Hey, you only get married once…or twice.


Source: CeciNewYork


NO. 2: Envelopments Destination Wedding Simple Invites

This array of invites comes with something I have never seen before, “Guest Libs”.  This is a unique way for your guests to give you something personal and provide some fun reading on your way to your honeymoon destination.


Invite crush 1




Source: InvitationCrush



NO. 1: UrbanCourture Vegas Destination

Who said going to Vegas couldn’t be an elegant affair.  These invites set your wedding guests off right.  They receive these invites and they know they are not only in for a special occasion but it will be one filled with class and sophistication.

Vegas Wedding 5





Source: UrbanCoutureInvites

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