10 Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Want


Many people work hard on their wedding favors, only to have guests leave them behind or throw them out as soon as they get home. Whether you’re on a budget or have a ton to spend, these wedding favors are favors that guests will actually want to keep.

Jars of jam/candy



These are a good choice, especially for casual home-style weddings. The best part is even after guests have finished off the candy or jam, they will still have the jar to remember your wedding by,

Personalized champagne glasses

A personalized champagne glass can include your names and the date of the wedding. The best part is they can be used for the wedding toast and taken home after by guests. This is the classy choice for those trying to get high end style into their wedding.

Personalized sunglasses


While this might seem like an unusual option, it’s actually great for outdoor weddings. Many guests won’t remember their sunglasses and will spend the afternoon squinting or getting tension headaches. Instead, personalized sunglasses in a large variety of frames are a unique and useful choice.

Tote bags


These are a great option which will allow guests to carry things home, and can be personalized with the names, date and place of your wedding, or anything else. In addition, these can be purchased at minimal cost.

The hangover kit


For evening weddings with an open bar, you can give your guests something useful that they will be thanking you for in the morning. A hangover kit usually includes Gatorade, Ibuprophen and an eye masks for those morning-after puffy eyes.


Candles are a great low cost choice that can be perfectly matched to your décor. Some companies will even allow you to create your own custom scent just for your wedding.

Photo coasters


Coasters are great for both avoiding nasty table rings and offering a photo keepsake. There are many companies that will put a piece of custom photography on your coaster at a very low price. These can be great if your budget is limited.

Wedding shot glasses

While these are a more expensive option, again they’re a great choice if you have an open bar or a laid back party theme. So many people have shot glass collections, and you can add one to their collection while giving them a keepsake of your special day.

Charity donations

For socially conscious couples, there are many wedding favors that will allow you to donate in someone else’s name. Then, you can include these donation notices as part of the place setting. This is a good choice if you have a charity that is very important to you.

Throw-away cameras

This is kind of an old-school choice, especially with so many people using digital cameras, but they are still a lot of fun. These cameras will allow your guests to take their own photos of your big day.


Most of these options are lower cost and can be customized specifically for your wedding. Some, you can even make yourself. Regardless of your budget, it’s always a good idea to give a guest a small gift to show your appreciation for them attending your big day.

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