3 Wedding Traditions You Can (or Should) Skip

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The world of weddings is filled with tradition. In some cases, that might be family tradition and in others, it might be based on widely held beliefs from a specific culture. But some times these traditions are inappropriate, if not dangerous, and should be avoided. Here are three to consider doing without.


Throwing rice as the bride and groom leave the wedding and head to the limo is a common tradition that has been practiced for a long time. While no one knows where the actual tradition comes from, it is believed that the rice is symbolic. It is a way to wish the couple a fruitful marriage, as a small grain of rice can grow into a large crop.

Why it’s wrong

The problem with throwing rice is that smaller birds might eat it. When these smaller birds eat it, the rice can expand in their stomachs and make them very sick, or even kill them. I’m sure no couple wants to start their wedding with a trail of dead birds behind them.


Photo Credit: Clara Ganey Photography

What’s the alternative?

There are many other things that can be used that are much safer. Confetti is a safe but messy option, as it glitter. One of the best alternatives to rice is bubbles, as the bottles of bubbles can also be used as wedding favors.


The traditional white wedding dress is a symbol of purity and chastity and has become such an ingrained tradition, that most brides won’t even consider any color but white for their wedding. The majority of wedding dress options are white and those who like color will often have a hard time finding an alternative.

Why it’s wrong

The compulsory white wedding dress is wrong for so many reasons. First, it indicates that purity and chastity are all a woman has to offer her new husband. Let’s be honest, that is no longer the case. In addition, some people don’t look good in white. Those with pale complexions will get washed out. White also stains easily and has a tendency to make people look heavier than they are.


Dress: Lazaro Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

What’s the alternative?

Finding a non-white wedding dress is often a challenge. If you ask for one, you’ll often get directed to a rack of off-white dresses instead. When in doubt, consider dye. Some fabrics are easily dyed and it might be possible to change the color of the dress to one that suits you. Another option is adding contrasting color to the seams and the waist, to give the dress more definition.


Traditionally, having children as part of the wedding party is par for the course. A young girl is chosen to act as the flower girl, while a young boy is chosen to carry the rings. While they might make a cute addition to the wedding, it’s not always an ideal option.

Why it’s wrong

If you have a large family with lost of nieces and nephews, then chances are someone is going to get their feelings hurt if one child gets to be in the wedding party while others do not. In addition, children are unpredictable. If you don’t have any relatives old enough to play the part, it might be best to skip them entirely.

What’s the alternative?

In this case, there really doesn’t need to be an alternative, because the alternative is simple. Skip having a flower girl and a ring bearer if you don’t think you can do it in a way that pleases everyone. The tradition is relatively outdated and no one will think it’s strange if you don’t follow it.

Many of today’s traditions are a bit outdated. If you want to be a modern bride, it’s all about making what makes you happy part of your own wedding tradition. Don’t be afraid to opt out of traditions that might not be right for you. After all, it’s your day.



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