5 Major Wedding Planning Mistakes

bitsy bride BigtimeIt’s not hard to see how seemingly normal brides can become Bridezillas. Weddings are a stressful time, which can be made more stressful by making simple mistakes. For a bride that wants to slide into their special day stress free, here are some mistakes to avoid;

Poor budgeting

Before a bride ever walks out the door, they should prepare a budget and stick to venues and vendors that fit it. Brides should resist the urge to take a look at expensive items just out of curiosity. Why? Simple. Well meaning friends will reassure you ‘but it’s your special day’ and soon, you’ll be the proud owner of an $8000 dress you will wear one time. You shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to plan a wedding. Instead, know exactly what each piece of your wedding will cost, and stick to items within your budget. Don’t even look at items that aren’t.

Wedding tunnel vision

Not everything in life has to be about your wedding. This is especially true for those who are more in love with the idea of getting married than they are in love period. Take time off from wedding planning and make time to remember why you’re getting married in the first place.

Not involving your other half

Every bride needs a groom and the groom should have at least some say in the planning of the wedding. While some men might balk at the idea of wedding planning, others might have their own special requests. Get your other half involved and remember, it’s not just your day. It’s his day as well and failure to involve him could start your marriage off bad if he doesn’t like your choices.

Last minute flower arrangements

So many brides forget about the flowers, when this is actually one of the first things (after picking a venue) that should be done. Think about it, the florist can’t exactly grow the flowers you need the week before the wedding. Most blooms are seasonal and if you have your heart set on spring roses for a fall wedding, you might be out of luck. Some wedding planners recommend picking a florist a year in advance of the wedding. That way, you will know what will be available so you can work it into your color scheme.

Poor time management

Get a time budget and stick to it. Most companies have to set aside significant time for wedding planning meetings. Be on time and be polite. These are the people responsible for the flawless execution of your big day. Try to avoid p@ssing them off the moment they meet you. Instead, try to arrive early to all appointments in order to stay on track.

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful. Most of the mistakes above are do to someone throwing a wedding together in a hurry, rather than taking the time to plan. Every successful wedding starts with a good concept and builds from there.

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