5 Tips for Creating a Wedding Registry That Works

Wedding registry

Let’s just admit it now; one of the best parts of getting married is the gifts. Yeah, I know it sounds shallow, but lets admit that you’ll be mighty disappointed come your wedding day if you get 50 knit toilet paper cozies or homemade potholders.

In order to get what you want, you want to make it easy for your guests to shop for you. The easier it is to give you what you want, the more likely it is that you’ll get it.

Picket a reasonably priced place to register.

I’m not saying that you need to register at WalMart, but do pick a place that is reasonably affordable for most people. Unless you’re having a star studded wedding being attended by billionaires, keep in mind that most of your guests won’t be able to give you those $8000 candle sticks from Tiffany’s. Simply stated, if it’s a place that you know most of your friends can’t afford to shop at, it’s a tacky move to register there anyway.

Don’t get trigger happy

Do not be ridiculous with how much you register for. When someone goes in to pick something for you off the registry, you don’t want them getting a dictionary worth of items to sift through. A good rule of thumb is to pick two gifts per guest and make sure there is a lower cost option. Too few items and guests might choose to not get a gift at all, if they can’t find something they can afford. Too many, and you’ll have frustrated guests saying ‘what’s the cheapest thing on the list?”

But don’t neglect dream items

At the same time, don’t be so modest that you don’t get something you really want or need. Chances are, if you are registering in the first place, there is a least one person who likes you enough to drop $100 on the food processor you want. A good goal is to make more expensive items no more than 10% of the total list.

Make sure it’s your registry

A lot of sales people get paid on commission and might try to steer you into registering for high ticket items that you will never use. If you never entertain, you don’t really need a fancy crystal set. Don’t let sale people pressure you into putting things on your list that you don’t really want.

Don’t wait forever

Register well in advance and let people know where they can find your registry. Ideally, you should register online, with enough time so that guest won’t have to overnight anything they order because you were procrastinating. Let the guest know on the invite or by email, but don’t be tacky about it. They don’t need your entire Amazon cart sent to them once a week.

Above all, make it easy for your guests to bring a gift. People like convenience. Give that to them when registering and your guaranteed to get the most value for your registry.

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