5 of The Worst Wedding Mishaps

5 of the worst wedding mishaps

If you’re a realistic bride, then chances are you know that at least one thing will go wrong on your wedding day. Whether it be a late cake or a missing bouquet, most wedding mishaps are minor. Only a very select few have a mishap so big, it makes the news.

Worries of rain on your wedding day seem really small, when you consider these wedding mishaps.

A wedding/funeral

One particularly bad horror story resulted in the death of the groom during his own wedding reception. While Geise Guimaraes and Fabio Jefferson Maciel were celebrating their beachfront wedding in Brazil, the party extended into the late hours. After too much dancing and a spilled glass, the groom slipped and fell, cutting his leg. Unfortunately, the cut severed his femoral artery and he died on the way to the hospital.


The wedding raid

Neil McElwee and Yanan Sun gathered 60 of their closest friends together to tie the knot in Northern Ireland. Expecting an uneventful day, the couple was extremely surprised when 8 uniformed police officers showed up. Then, the police arrested the couple at the alter, before taking them away to be questioned for more than 5 hours. The worst part was the couple was innocent and the raid was all the result of a misunderstanding.


A wedding rumble

At the wedding of an unnamed couple in Perth, wedding guests were attacked by upwards of 50 youths. The incident occurred at the Point Walter Cafe in Bicton. When the youths were not allowed into the premises due to the wedding, they began trying to force their way in, and even began throwing bricks. Seven of the wedding guests were injured, and multiple arrests were made.


The bad caterer

Nicola and Alex Hamill spent the majority of their Vegas honeymoon wishing they had gone with a different caterer. Due to some undercooked pate served at their Hertfordshire wedding reception, they and 49 of their wedding guests became seriously ill with food poisoning. The four star hotel was fined for this incident, and the couple filed a lawsuit due to lost wages, as well as the loss of fun on their 5 day Vegas vacation.


The burning venue

A couple in Foxboro, Massachusetts had their wedding ruined, thanks to a careless smoker. The couple, who was marrying in the Lakeview Pavilion function hall, with about 150 guests, had just managed to finish their vows when the blaze began. Within no time at all, the building was fully engulfed in flame. Luckily, all of the guests managed to make it out of the building in time, but the wedding was ruined and the property was destroyed. The fire was all due to a lit cigarette dropped into a pile of mulch.

When it comes to weddings, chances are, something will go wrong. However, you can probably sleep easier knowing that any mishap at your wedding is not going to be nearly as bad as the mishaps these five couples faced.

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