6 Tips To A Memorable Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is the spot to shine for your guests. When choosing what you do, it’s so much more than planning meals or choosing a band or DJ. You might want to have some games for your guests to play or contests to get everyone involved. After all, not everyone likes dancing, but everyone expects to have a good time. Here are some ideas to make your wedding reception memorable.
Keep the music reasonable but not deafening – If people don’t want to dance, they should have the option of having a conversation. They can’t do that when the DJ is playing the music at the maximum volume. In addition, you might have younger or older guests who are more sensitive to noise. In order to make sure every is comfortable, you should put the dance floor as far away from the tables as possible and focus the music on that part of the room.
Try some games to break the ice – Some shyer guests might benefits from some wedding games that get everyone involved. A trivia game with prizes will make more guests willing to participate. Even a game of musical chairs for adults can get people up and moving. Games that encourage guests to share info about themselves will help to get people talking and interacting.
Consider a photo booth – A great way to create memories is with pictures. If you have the budget, you can rent out a photo booth so guests can take their own pictures in a retro way. You can even get a digital photo booth from certain photographers, in order to keep that retro feeling but get high quality photos.
Pay attention to the seating chart – Many people might focus on just making sure that couples stay together and close family members wind up at the head table, but why not take the opportunity to do a little matchmaking while you’re at it? Be conscious of where you’re putting your guests. Don’t put a single person with no date at a table full of couples. That’s not fun for them. The purpose of the wedding reception is for everyone to have fun, isn’t it?
Provide slip on shoes – Wedding shoes tend to be a bit ridiculous and a bit uncomfortable. For those who want to dance, the idea of stomping around in 4 inch heels might keep them firmly planted in their chairs. One of the newest trends is to give guests the option of cheap slippers or flip-flops to wear during the festivities.
Make sure everyone gets some camera time – Chances are you have friends that are camera hogs and others that are camera shy. But even those camera shy types will be a bit sad if they don’t see themselves show up in any of the pictures. Make sure your photographer knows to cover the whole party, rather than get sidetracked by just covering the wedding party.
To have a memorable reception, you need to focus on more than dinner and dancing. Instead, you want to make it an enjoyable, comfortable environment for everyone. After all, chance are you spent a lot of money on your reception venue. Your guests should stay long enough to enjoy it.

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