7 Tips on Wearing Wedding Corsets

7 Tips on Wearing Wedding Corsets

When a woman is trying to look her best, sometimes, she decides to go old fashioned. Did you know the most popular time for a woman to buy a corset is during June, usually for her wedding dress? These bridal corsets can help a dress fit right, as well as keep your posture perfect for your pictures.

Corsets can be extremely expensive and 9 out of 10 times, a woman buying one won’t be able to get the right size for her body type. If you are considering a bridal corset, here are some things to think about.

Choose an underbust – An underbust corset stops just short of the bust line, and slims through the waist and hips. Not only are underbusts less expensive, they give a more natural silhouette and are easier to fit. Underbust corsets can be bought off the rack, and usually fit with only a few alterations.

Be careful with measurements – Most women get it wrong when trying to measure their natural waist and wind up going too big, defeating the point of the corset. The natural waist is the smallest part of the waist. When it doubt, you can have your measurements taken by a tailor in order to get them perfect.

Lace from the center – Most women will try and lace from the bottom or the top, which will result in a strange silhouette. Instead, the laces should be done from the center in order to get the tightest fit. Where the laces are pulled will be the tightest part of the corset.

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Avoid fashion corsets – Fashion corsets aren’t really corsets. They’re shirts designed to look like corsets. Usually these will give no waist reduction, defeating the purpose of the corset at all. When looking for the best corset, search for steel bones or ‘waist training’ corsets. With the right type, you can see a waist reduction of up to 5 inches!

Go for thinner fabrics – Corsets can be surprisingly thick and you don’t want to appear bulky under your dress. The best choice is a thinner fabric, like silk, over something heavy like brocade.

Get measured in your corset – Your bridal corset should be purchased well before you purchase your dress so you can get measured with it on. The results of a corset can be extreme and you don’t want several inches of extra fabric obscuring your corseted figure.

Season it ahead of time – A corset needs to be seasoned before it can be worn all day, as the fabric will be extremely stiff at first. By gradually breaking in the corset, you can ensure that you will look great in it, and be able to wear it without fainting.

A corset is a slimming alternative to shape wear that can stay in place all day and even spice up your Honeymoon. Keep in mind that corsets aren’t an impulse purchases and you should look around thoroughly before choosing your bridal corset. The best corset will make you look your best, without making it obvious that you are wearing one at all.

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