8 Alternatives to Wedding Rings

8 Alternatives to wedding rings

While most couples choose to go the traditional route and wear wedding rings, others don’t want to be quite that predictable. For those who don’t want to exchange wedding rings, there are alternatives that can be considered.


Tattoos – Some couples are choosing to get rings tattooed on their fingers as a sign of higher commitment. This is a great option for those who find rings uncomfortable, those who enjoy body art, or just those who want to show a deeper level of commitment. Some options include the spouses name, a tattoo of a ring, a matching line of poetry or quote, or a symbol of fidelity like a wolf or infinity symbol.


Rings on Chains – For people that work with their hands a lot, wearing rings can damage them and even cause them to get lost. In these cases, sometimes it is easier and safer to put the wedding band on a chain, to be worn around the neck instead.


Bracelets – Bracelets can be a good alternative to wedding bands, and they are easier to inscribe. This allows the item to be more easily customized, and might even make it more special than a generic gold ring.


Piercings – In some cultures, married females get nose piercings to indicate they’re taken. Others might add an additional ear piercing and wear one diamond solitaire. If you’re into piercing, there’s no reason why you can’t do that instead.


A Large Wedding – In India, the wedding, which spans several days, is much more important than the rings. While many wealthier families choose to get jewelry, others might focus on the ceremony instead. These ceremonies often span hundreds of guests and very often, the motto is ‘the bigger the wedding, the better the marriage.’


Framing the License – In certain cultures, it is customary to get an elaborate version of the wedding license framed and displayed in a prominent part of the home. Couples who aren’t into jewelry can consider that as an alternative.


A Special gift – Some couples choose to just exchange special gifts that mean something to each of them. Whether it’s a family heirloom, a rare book or a piece of artwork, any special gift can be used as a symbol of fidelity if it’s well thought out.


Just Owning It – Regardless of what you choose to do, the most important thing is to just own the decision. The decision to wear or not wear wedding rings is a personal decision that shouldn’t be made for you. Be up front about why, but then change the subject. Rings don’t make a marriage, and it’s perfectly all right if you don’t want any rings in yours.



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