Berta 2014 Winter Collection

Berta’s avant-garde has released her long awaited 2014 fall collection. We have chosen 11 of our favorites to showcase on our site and share on our Pinterest board. Visit her site to see the full fall line up of amazing gowns!

14041[nggallery id=15]


14065[nggallery id=16]


14082[nggallery id=17]


14102[nggallery id=18]


14121[nggallery id=19]


14141[nggallery id=20]


14181[nggallery id=21]


14202[nggallery id=22]


14272[nggallery id=23]


14291[nggallery id=24]


14031[nggallery id=14]


See the full Collection


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