Finding a Venue – Pros and Cons

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While some women go into their wedding with a dream venue in mind, others aren’t so decisive. Luckily, there are dozens of ways to find the best venue without taking up hours of time.

Of course, the venue is very important, and in most cases you will need to pick one several months in advance.

Churches and Religious Halls

Pros – A church is an absolute must for most specific religious ceremonies. In addition, they don’t require a huge amount of decoration or preparation for the wedding. Finally, religious venues are often very inexpensive for practicing members of the church.

Cons – Most often, a church must be booked in advance. Most times, you will want to have a backup date prepared. If you are not a member of a specific church, but want to use it for sentimental reasons, then expect the price to go up a lot. Finally, many churches will require you to go through a pre marriage program, which will require additional time.

The Great Outdoors

Pros – The outdoors comes with some great scenery and nature made décor can really cut down on the flower budget. While tents can be expensive, they are also blank canvases that allow the users to create whatever wedding they want.

Cons – One word; weather. Your wedding is only one day, and there is no guarantee that you will get the weather you want. While you might live in a temperate climate, you never know if it’s going to choose your wedding day to become a bit more temperamental. Because of that, you will need a backup prepared. Often, just reserving that backup can eat into any savings your outdoor wedding made you.


Pros – Hotels are great if you’re going to expect a lot of out of town guests, as you can get block and discount rates for your family. They also have a variety of rooms and usually provide a catering service as well. Finally, most can easily be customized for the ideal wedding and reception.

Cons – Depending on the type of hotel, the venue can be expensive. In fact, it might be the single most expensive thing at the party. In addition, for really good venues, you need to reserve a long time in advance.

Private Homes

Pros – Most often, private homes are used for sentimental reasons or when a couple doesn’t have a lot of money. Private homes are great because the planner already knows the layout and has a relatively open schedule.

Cons – Size is usually a problem, as is the opportunity to customize. Pretty much, the décor of the home is the wedding’s décor. In addition, there might be insurance concerns for the homeowner that could become a big problem if a guest is injured.

Choosing a venue is about what fits best with your budget. Think of your dream venue, then search around a bit before you head out the door. Above all, always check the place in person before you book the venue for your dream wedding.

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