Interview: Hayley Paige Bridal

I knew Hayley way back when she was a spunky little gymnast in California. Even then, she had a special aura about her and you knew she was going to do something fabulous with her life. (Seriously, Hayley. You have always had a sparkle in your smile!)

Fast forward many years later and she is now the designer of her very own bridal line: Hayley Paige.  Ladies, be on the watch. Her star is on the rise!

This darling girl was kind enough to sit down with Bitsy Bride and answer a couple of questions. Thanks, Hayley!


Tuula by Hayley Paige

BB: What motivated you to start your own line?

Hayley: Previously designing for Melissa Sweet and Marchesa at Priscilla of Boston, a foundation was developed to create and cultivate a particular ambition. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to meet with JLM Couture that a realistic sense of creative magnetism and an unavoidable prospect for a niche aesthetic came about. There was a desire to unveil a brand that would hook, line, and sink the utmost fun, fresh, and feminine of attitudes. It had a lot to do with preparation meeting opportunity.

Babs by Hayley Paige

BB: How would you describe the style of your line? How does it reflect you and your own personal style?

Hayley: I fully embrace a personal fetish for sweet texture. Unexpected, yet alluring juxtapositions such as soft and strong, twinkle and matte, and modern and organic are my go-to details. I strive to be known for my execution of balance between fanciful and polished. One of my favorite reviews thus far mentioned how my “zest” in character garners an engaging stylishness and distinctive sound bite. I like to think character and enthusiasm rather than personal style play more dominant roles in my creative process.

Nina by Hayley Paige

BB: What do you think about when you are designing a new piece?

Hayley: What I think makes my design thought process unique is my tendency to tap into personality and personification as creative outlets. Just as everyone has a tendency to expose their behavior differently, I see my dresses as opportunities to charm and compliment my brides. I am not afraid to get a little fanciful or emotional with the designs because every bride brings about a different wonderment.

Vanna by Hayley Paige

BB: How do you intend brides to feel when wearing a Hayley Paige wedding dress?

Hayley: The Hayley Paige Bride doesn’t take herself too seriously, but also has a captivating sense of self. She is adventurous, effortlessly vivacious, and always believes that something wonderful is about to happen. This is precisely the feeling I pine for every bride that slips into a Hayley Paige gown.

Gracie by Hayley Paige

BB: Are there any “rules” you think brides should follow when putting together their look?

Hayley: I always tell brides to limit their entourages when they are coming down to their final decisions. During a time of happy vulnerability it’s easy to be persuaded by family and friends. I also think it’s important to remember that although personal style will inevitably play a dependable role in your decision, it’s also fabulous to up the ante for your big day… i.e. add some extra sparkle and va-va-voom!

BB: What advice do you have for brides looking for that perfect dress?

Hayley: There are so many fabulous elements leading up to the “perfect” dress. My tip over moment is reminding the bride to go with the gown that will make their groom all googly-eyed over.

Ellie by Hayley Paige

You can find the entire Hayley Paige bridal collection at JLM Couture.


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