Scrubs Funny Man Donald Faison Releases Wedding Video Snippet – We Should All Have this Much Fun [video]

Teaser Video still of Donald Faison and Cobb wedding partyWe loved him as Turk on Scrubs and it looks like art imitates life because he appears just as funny and fun loving as his character.  Also similar to the show, his best friend is Zach Braff, better known to us as JD. Braff was Faison’s best man.

Faison married Jessica Simpson’s personal assistant CaCee Cobb.  This is the 2nd marriage for Faison and he first for Cobb.  The actual nuptials took place over 5 months ago, but their wedding video trailer was released just this week.  Their wedding will be featured in the summer 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.   This is how much fun every wedding should be.  Enjoy!

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