The Ultimate Guide to the Bachelorette Party


The bachelorette party is usually reserved for planning by the bridesmaids or maid of honor. Of course, a few helpful hints to the bride can help prevent your party from becoming a worse version of The Hangover. Here are a few tips for party planning;

For booze fueled parties, plan the party a few days in advance, rather than the day before the wedding.
The last thing you want is a wedding party full of hung over bridesmaids who are looking decadently green. Instead, plan that party the weekend before, if you really want to have a wild time. Too many brides plan on having ‘just a few’ the night before the wedding, and the next you know, start tossing back shots as the big day approaches. There is no problem with getting wild before the wedding, unless you’re doing it the day before the wedding. No one wants alcohol bloat in their wedding pictures.

Consider two separate parties if there are conservative relatives coming.
Consider the crowd you’re playing to. If your mom and your 90 year old great aunt are planning on coming, that drag show burlesque club might not be as much fun. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a bachelorette brunch for older relatives and a party for the younger ones.

Understand stripper etiquette
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There’s always one girl who wants to hire strippers. If the bride is truly uncomfortable with that, it should never be done. The same goes with planning at a venue with strippers. While some girls enjoy them, others might find it sleazy. If private male parts become part of the evening, the bride should know ahead of time (unless you know her well enough to be sure).

Make it transportation friendly
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If you’re planning on really getting crazy, then set up transportation for the party, so you won’t have a bunch of stranded guests. Limos can often be rented for a discount if you booked the same service for the wedding. Use that discount and stop drinking and driving off at the pass.

Be careful with the invites
Do you have a friend that likes to start drama? Keep in mind that weddings are high time for drama. You might want to avoid having drama queens at an alcohol fueled party right before the wedding. When in doubt, go low key. A nice evening out is much preferable to drunken fights in the parking lot.

Time it right
Keep in mind everyone’s time tables when planning the party, so you don’t wind up with a ton of empty seats. Starting too early might not work for people who work later, while starting too late might leave you with crowded venues. Plan ahead of time and pick a time that’s good for everyone.

Keep the focus on the bride
The night of the bachelorette party should be focused on the bride and what the bride wants to do. If she wants to stay in, then the party planner should respect that, and the same goes for if she wants to go out when everyone else wants to stay in. The bachelorette party is the bride’s last party as a single woman, so make sure it’s a party to remember.

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