Wedding or Video Game? Either way it’s Epic!


Video game developer Adam Bohn took wedding theatrics to a whole new level.  Right when the priest said the famous lines, asking for objections to the impending nuptials, all hell broke loose.

The guests were taken completely off guard, and the only reason it was captured by three different camera angles was because someone in an Iron Man suit told the videographer that something big was about to happen.  That something was big in deed.

The groomsman and bridesmaids were not only in the know, they were part of the action.

During the nine minute plus, now viral video that was posted on Youtube Wednesday, you can see Bohn going toe to toe with ninjas, Batman, Iron Man and even some bad ass bell boys from the hotel.  When things got too much for the groom, the groomsmen and the bridesmaid join in.  Bridesmaids can be seen snatching Noon-chucks and head butting ninjas.


For me this was way over the top, too much violence and way too many things could have gone wrong, but if I was marrying the owner of a video game company, I guess I would expect nothing less.

Despite all the theatrics, Bohn says he and his long time sweetheart Michele are a traditional couple,

“Michelle and I are going to grow old and die together.  We’re pretty traditional and our core values keep us together.”

That’s what it’s all about.  You can watch the entire video below.

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