10 Tips For Flawless Wedding Day Makeup


PHOTO CREDIT: True Photography Make up Artist: Valerie Vonprisk’s

10. Book a make-up consultation
No matter how well you know or think you know the person doing your make up, book a formal consultation.  Even if the make-up person is a friend, by setting aside a formal time and removing the distractions this will show exactly how serious you are taking this; as you should, because it is.  If you have a hard time getting an appointment or feel rushed during the session use this as an indicator of what will happen on your big day.

9. Where a white tank top
This is important because the make-up needs to be evaluated against your skin tone and the white hue of your dress.  Any other colors can result in different expectation on your wedding day.

8. Bring a camera to your consultation
In the world of digital cameras, you can take a photo and see the outcome.  Take photos of the make-up job holding your face at different angles.  If  there is something you don’t like consult the make-up artist and strategically agree on how to correct or minimize any issues.

7. Write down the make-up and products used
Just in case something goes wrong at the last minute, make sure you capture exactly what products, the names, and the names of the colors that were used on the final job.  This will come in handy if for some reason your make-up artist cancels or you cancel her.  This way you won’t be starting from scratch.

6. Timing on your wedding day
Anxiety will be at an all-time high so make sure that your make-up artist is here early and you have enough time to have your make done.  As the bride I will say either get your make up done first on with in the first 1hr.  You want the best job to be done on your face.  I suggest going second.  This way the make up artist will be warmed up, but far from tired.  I would allow 1.5 times longer than it took during our original consultation.
This will be the longest most tedious part of your morning.   I suggest order breakfast for the girls and treat it as a spa session.

5. Stay away from trends
Ghost eyes and funky colors might be cool now, but you will be looking at these pictures for the next 40 years.  You don’t want to think, “What was I thinking?”.   Keep in my two things: Classic Elegance & Less is More.

4. Waterproof mascara
Tears, even if they are from joy, will still make mascara run!
3. Don’t Skimp

This goes on anything that has to do with the make-up.  You have to feel totally good about the make up job that is being done so don’t cheap out.  Also, when you are putting the schedule together, you might find out that one artist won’t do.  List who will be getting their make up done, don’t forget to leave out the moms, and grandmother’s.  Anyone who will be taking multiple photos.

You want everyone to feel special about that day and feel good about how they look.  Don’t Skimp!

2. Prevent the shine
Keep a matifying gel or blotting tissues on hand, to tone down oil or perspiration.  It’s one thing to glow quite another to have a glistening shine.  Wedding excitement can and will make your skin flushed and slick so be prepared.

1. Emergency Kit
Your maid of honor should have an emergency kit on hand and be looking out for issue such as shininess, worn lipstick or caking.  It might be cool and relaxed while getting your make up done, but when you are in the church it will be 1 million degree in there and your wedding dress will feel like a sauna suit.  Be prepared.

Follow these tips and make up will be one less thing you have to worry about on  your big day.  Trust me, there will be plenty of others.

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