5 Tips for Choosing the Right Photographer

Choosing the Right photographer

One thing that people often over look, and wind up regretting, is hiring the right person for their wedding photographs. Your photographs will be a permanent visual memory from your special day, so of course you’ll want them to look good. But being a photographer is about more than just pushing a button.

When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, here are some tips for making sure your photos come out great.

Steer clear of family and friends – Almost every family has an amateur photographer trying to get their business off the ground. Even if they want to do it for free, it might be best to not use them as your only resource. Professional photographers use high level equipment and light meters to ensure the optimal shot, and will often edit photos as well. If you are dead set on having a family member or friend do it, do a practice run first. Have them take photos of a birthday or holiday party before committing to having them do your wedding. After all, you’ll have more holidays and birthdays, but you will only have one wedding (hopefully).

Don’t trust internet portfolios – The first place you might go is the internet when searching for your photographer. Unfortunately, some less than reputable photographers might use picture they found online and claim them as their own. Instead, choose among the best online portfolios, and then ask the front-runners for a physical one. Get references as well. Some couples have had trouble not with the pictures themselves, but with getting the photographer to turn over the final product on a timely basis.

Pick a wedding specialist – Taking action shots is a world apart from taking pictures for schools or modeling portfolios. Different equipment will be needed, depending on whether the photographer is working outside or inside, night or day and any other number of variables. A wedding specialist will be someone whose main focus is weddings and wedding photos will make up the majority of their portfolio.

Get the specifics – Watch out for hidden fees by asking for strict numbers at first. Ask how many photos the photographer will take, as well as how many locations they are willing to travel to for the price. Don’t forget to ask about editing services and printing services for the pictures as well, as these will be an additional cost.

Remember that price shouldn’t be the only consideration – Some people might be tempted to simply go with the lowest cost photographer, and then wind up regretting it. The best wedding photographers usually work about 60 hours a week and have an average of $16,000 worth of equipment. A lot of their fee is swallowed up in the cost of running their business. A photographer who can afford to deeply undercut all the competition might not use the best equipment or spend the most time on their craft.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a major decision that often gets overlooked. Start hunting well in advance so you can find the right photographer for your special day. Then, you’ll have pictures that you’ll love to look at for years to come.

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