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6 DIY Wedding Day Make up Tips


With the cost of bridal makeup often extending into hundreds of dollars, brides are taking to doing their own makeup to save money on their wedding day. While many are successful doing this, it is important to know a few things about bridal makeup that a makeup artist knows while a layman might not.

1. The makeup you use should be different from the bridal photo shoot to the bridal party.

While in person, that shimmery eye shadow and light lipstick might look great; this often doesn’t translate well to film. Keep in mind that for photographs, makeup should be heavier in order to show up. It doesn’t have to be impossibly heavy, but an extra layer of lipstick and powder will help you pop in your pictures.

2. Don’t forget the primer.NYX-Cosmetics-Studio-Perfect-Primer-Optimized

So many women fail to use primer when putting on makeup. For day to day wear, this isn’t really a problem. But on your wedding day, it’s a must. The primer will keep your makeup from slipping around, and it will keep your skin from shining like an oil slick. It will make your makeup last until you wash it off, and it will keep your pores from getting clogged. An excellent primer is an important part of any makeup artist’s collection.

3. Go waterproof when possible.

Even if you think you’re the toughest person on the planet, there is no guarantee that you won’t tear up during your wedding. If you want to avoid raccoon eyes, then you want a waterproof mascara at the very least.

4. ‘Dewy’ might not be your friend.

Some makeup is designed to give you a dewy or luminous look. Keep in mind that this makeup might not be ideal for photos. When stressed, oil production increases in the skin and you sweat more. This combination, teamed with a dewy foundation, could result in a look a little closer to ‘oil slick’ than ‘glowing.’

Bad-Eyebrows-Makeup5. Don’t try something complex if you’ve never done it before.

One big thing that DIY makeup brides try is false eyelashes. The margin for error in this is huge. While it might look easy, it’s actually incredibly hard to apply false eyelashes and make them look natural. Luckily, there are many salons that will apply false eyelashes for you at a lower charge.

6. Don’t forget to practice.

Try out multiple makeup looks and check them out in artificial and natural light. Take them for a test drive before your big day, so you can find the ideal look for you. Even if you’re certain of what you want, there is no guarantee you’ll like it until you try it, so practice early and often.

DIY makeup is a great option if you’re looking to save money at your wedding. Keep in mind that applying makeup is more of an art than a science, practice regularly and you’ll be sure to find the right look for your wedding day.


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