6 Wedding Theme Pitfalls to Avoid


For some people, having a theme might sound like having one of those weird pirate themed weddings or getting married by Elvis in a Vegas chapel. The truth is, every wedding should have a theme. Themes make it easier to budget and create a cohesive design scheme. When choosing your theme, consider the following;

A fall harvest wedding will be impossible to pull off in June, so don’t bother with it. Instead, work with a theme that actually fits your season. While most brides choose spring, keep in mind that a winter wedding might be less costly.

A crystal and roses wedding will set you back a pretty penny (and might make you look like a cliché) Instead, stay budget conscious when picking out your theme. If you have a $5000 budget, then you need to consider the fact that the lower end your theme, the more you will have to work with.

Your Personality:
Do you burn in the sun and never go to the beach. Then a beach wedding is an odd choice for you. Don’t be pressured to pick a theme based on budget and season alone. Instead, pick a theme that fits your personality. In the end, you’ll spend less because you won’t have to buy more to satisfy yourself.

Avoid Relative Takeover:
Are you non-religious and being pressured to have an expensive traditional Catholic ceremony? Hopefully, you’ve had the religion talk with your groom, because your wedding is the time to get it in hand. If the family is dead set on a religious ceremony, considering doing it only for the wedding and moving the reception to a more theme conscious atmosphere.

The Dress:
When aligning to a theme, make sure your dress aligns to that theme. You wouldn’t wear a giant princess style dress to a small, informal wedding and you wouldn’t wear a simple sheath to a black tie ceremony. Not only should the dress match the theme of your wedding, it should actually help you plan the theme. A choice in a dress shows your personality and will allow you to choose a theme that works.

Keep in mind that you want everyone to have fun at your wedding. Remember that you aren’t just planning a party for you. You are planning one for your family. If your family would be uncomfortable in overly fussy surroundings, have a little consideration and scale back.

Themes don’t have to be complex. They can be as simple as ‘winter white’ or a luau style beach theme. The theme is the first part in planning your wedding and will help guide you to creating your ideal day.

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