Picking a Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

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One of the best parts of wedding planning is picking the wedding dress. Many brides focus on one style, despite the fact that the style might not be ideal for their own shape. When choosing a wedding dress, the style can make a women look her best, or make it look like she packed on a few pounds. Luckily, all body types have a wedding dress style that is right for them.

Pear Shaped

A pear shaped figure is the most common figure that most women seem to have. Someone who is pear shaped will have more prominent hip measurements, which will make them appear larger on the bottom. In most cases, their hip measurements will be about 5 inches larger than their bust measurements.

For pear shaped girls, the best wedding dress options help balance out the difference. Surprisingly, pear shaped girls can actually look better when they slightly emphasize their hips. An A-line style that begins at the natural waist is often the best option. For girls who want to go figure hugging, a dress with sleeves and a wider collar will help create the illusion of width at the top, creating an hourglass effect.

Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle shape is the exact opposite of a pear shape. The woman will be top heavy while having smaller hip measurements. Again, 5 is the magic number. For girls who have chest measurements that are more than 5 inches larger than their hips, looking for a dress appropriate for a triangle shape is a must.

The right fitting dress will give the illusion of curves below the waist. These girls can go with a ball gown style, which adds width at the hip, or a trumpet style, that flares below the knee. They can also get away with pulling off a short wedding dress, as inverted triangle shapes usually have fantastic legs.


A round figure will have a mid section that is slightly wider than their hips or chest. Round figures can make it difficult to find off the rack dress options, so custom fitting is often a good choice.

In order to minimize the mid section, women with round figures should focus on dresses that slenderize at the waist, like a mermaid shape with a corset top. They can also pull off a flowing sheath dress, as long as the neckline isn’t too conservative.


The traditional hourglass can actually be surprisingly difficult to fit. An hourglass has hips and busts that are similar in measurement, with a waist that is around 5 inches smaller. Many dresses may be too loose in the middle, resulting in a frumpy, overweight appearance.

Women with hourglass figures should focus on dresses that accentuate their curves. Any attempt to wear a sheath dress or figure hiding dress is going to make them look dowdy instead. Figure skimming styles like mermaid and trumpet are best, while sheaths and ball gowns should be avoided.


A rectangle figure is a straight up and down figure where the measurements don’t differ much from chest, to waist to hips. Luckily for rectangle girls, most off the rack dresses are designed to fit without much alteration. Because of that, rectangle girls have a lot of options.

Dress styles like mermaids and trumpets give the girl a waist, while sheath style dresses fit their lines perfectly. Almost every style works with a rectangle shape. Ball gowns should be avoided if the girl is under 5’4” though, otherwise her figure will be overwhelmed by her dress.

The perfect wedding dress will enhance your beauty, rather than overpower it. When choosing a dress, stick to one that flatters your figure and you are sure to find your dream dress easily.

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