Wedding Costs – Location and Time do Matter


The tax guys over at intuit put together an interesting infographic on weddings that shows clearly that the time of year and location can drastically affect how much you end up spending on your big day.  The average cost of wedding just like everything has increased over the years settling in just under the $30 grand mark range between $27K – to $30K.


However, looking at that number will mean nothing if you live in a major city.  The average cost in New York is around $65K and the average in DC is $34K with other major locations falling somewhere in between.  Vastly bringing down the average is our friends in West Virginia.  Their average is just $14,203 – I will reframe from making the obvious “cheap to marry your cousin” joke.


Other major factors that can affect costs are month and day of the week.  The end of the year and February are challenging months for planning, because they are bookends anchored with Christmas and Valentine’s day.  Good luck trying to find not only a venue during Christmas but finding people to show up and spend money and gifts at that time.  While Valentine is not so much about family but more on getting engaged then married.

If you don’t have a favorite month January, March, April and November are your least popular and most caterers and venues are hungry to get anything going during those times so you can get a great deal.

July and August are popular and June and September are the golden months.  In the fall and spring months the weather is perfect for a groom to be in a suit and not overheat and for the bride to go sleeveless and not freeze to death.  Expect to pay more but also expect to have high attendance, better gifts and great weather.  Those are three guests you want at your wedding.

Lastly, day of the week  – if you wanted to have a Thursday or Friday wedding you can see your cost reduced substantially.  Hotel rates for guests, rental cars and air travel are all cheaper during the week. However the impact will be felt on your RSVP’s as a number of people will not be able to take the time away from work or find a babysitter for the kids.

In short, get married in January, on a Thursday in West Virginia and your wedding might be free.

Here is here is the full infographic.  Enjoy.


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